Can Fences Block Road Noise?
July 23, 2024 Comments: 0

tall wooden fence to cut down on sound


Whether you live on a street with heavy traffic or close to a highway, you may be looking for ways to reduce road noise. Fortunately, there are a few types of fencing that you can install that can help reduce the noise and make your indoor and outdoor experience quieter.

Facts About Sound Barrier Fences

Fencing can be installed to act as a sound barrier on your property. This type of fencing will typically utilize thick tongue-and-groove boards. When we install this type of fencing, we will nail these thick boards to heavy rails that are then supported by heavy posts.

Since items with more mass help dampen sound, we use thicker, heavier materials to construct a sound barrier fence. Fences like this can be constructed out of material such as wood and will be built up high and solid, with no gaps between the boards. High fencing is critical for blocking noise since sound waves can travel over a shorter fence.

In addition to using thick wooden boards, we can add mass-loaded vinyl to your fence. You can also get acoustic paneling. This vinyl will be added during the installation process and be stapled into the frame of the fence and then sandwiched between the wooden panels of the fence. Acoustic caulk will be used to fill in any seams in the vinyl, creating a solid barrier.

An adequately constructed fence of 8 to 10 feet in height can block up to around 10 decibels of road noise.

Other Ways to Block Sound Around Your Home

In addition to a sound barrier fence, you can also install a water feature, such as a fountain that provides white noise to help drown out the sound of the road or other ambient disturbances happening nearby.

You can also use trees and shrubs, and other greenery to dress up the space between you and the source of the sound, creating an out of sight out of, mind effect. This does little to cut out the actual sound coming from the road, but sometimes you can trick your brain.

Professional Fence Installation in Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we offer efficient fence installation services using expert techniques and high-quality materials. With a sound barrier fence, you can take back the peace and quiet in your backyard. To learn more or to get started with the fence installation process, contact us today!