DIY Vs. Professional Chain Link Fence Installation
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If you have pets, kids, or even a pool, it is essential to protect the boundaries of your home. A residential fence installation is one way to protect your property against any type of threat.

Chain link fencing is often used to offer protection to your property. It is sturdy, versatile, and affordable. As DIY home improvement projects consume the Internet, you might be tempted to fence in your backyard yourself with chain link fencing. Pittsburgh Fence Co. recommends getting a professional to install the fence to protect against countless problems that could arise.

When it comes to protecting your property, the number one concern should be long-term stability. Self-installed chain link fencing hosts a variety of problems. In the event that your fence is truly at the end of its life, removing and/or recycling your fence can be done by most people, but chain link fence installation is best left to professionals.

Uneven Alignment and Spacing

DIY Installation:

Self-installed top rails of chain link fences often parallel the slope of the yard when it should remain straight. Additionally, we have seen uneven hinges and different sized gaps between posts.

Professional Installation:

A professional will make sure your top rail is straight, hinges are even, and the gaps are identical.

Poorly Placed Terminal Posts

DIY Installation:

If you install your fence yourself, you may not space out gates and corner posts correctly, preventing your gates to open and close easily. Incorrect spacing may leave gaps for small animals and children to squeeze through.

Professional Installation:

Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure the spacing is correct, so there will be no gaps and your gates will open and close smoothly.

Incorrect Post Depth

DIY Installation:

Homeowners often do not know how to properly dig holes for their terrain, leaving them with holes that are too shallow or too deep.

Professional Installation:

Professionals handle a multitude of terrains and will know how deep to dig the holes for your posts based on your property.


DIY Installation:

Homeowners may assume all chain link fencing is the same. With this, they may also forget to coat their fence. Both problems will enable rusting to occur.

Professional Installation:

A professional will know which type of chain link fencing best matches your climate and will be sure to coat your newly installed fence.


DIY Installation:

If every decision is not made carefully, the structural integrity may suffer, cause your fence to be damaged by high winds and impact.

Professional Installation:

Hiring a professional will ensure your fence is stable, protecting it against high winds and other environmental factors.

Permit Violation

DIY Installation:

If your neighborhood requires permits for fences of a certain height or distance from the property line, and you did not take this into account you can open yourself up for problems in the future.

Professional Installation:

Hiring a professional fence company to install your chain link fence sets you up for a painless install. Businesses like Pittsburgh Fence Company are used to navigating all the red tape and can make sure that all the rules and best practices are followed.

Consider Pittsburgh Fence Company for the installation of a chainlink fence on your basketball court, tennis court or other sports facility!

To ensure your property is well protected by chain link fencing, Pittsburgh Fence Co has professionals that can help prevent a multitude of problems. Contact Pittsburgh Fence Co. for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years.

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