What’s the Deal with the White Picket Fence?
May 20, 2024 Comments: 0

white picket fence gate on a wooden fence installation

Featured in middle-class, suburban neighborhoods, the white picket fence has become a symbol of the American dream. With its functionality and aesthetic appeal, the white picket fence is easy to build and gets the job done, whether that is keeping your kids in or sending a stylish yet clear message: “Private Property”.

The white picket fence finds its origin all the way back to Colonial America. Colonists would surround their homes with a fence made of wood that was painted white. Soon, it would become a symbol of wealth and the American dream. The popularity of this wood fence installation came from its simplicity.

It was easy to build and white was an affordable paint color to use. White fences also stood out and were easy to see. If you were proud of your home and had the means, a white picket fence was a sure way to make your house pop. As colonists began to move out west, the white picket fence went with them, continuing to represent wealth, class, and success across the country.

What is Special About The White Picket Fence?

When it comes down to it, the white picket fence is practical compared to more decorative fences. It keeps your kids and pets in your yard while not obstructing the view of the road and your neighborhood. It decoratively provides clarity to property lines.

Typically 4 feet high, the symmetric appearance comes from the horizontal top and bottom rails that are attached to the fence posts. In the past, these fences were made from wood, then painted white because it was the cheapest option. Vinyl and other non-wood options have become the most popular fence option in recent times.

Because of its functionality and affordability, the white picket fence has skyrocketed in popularity stemming back to colonial America. We continue to see this trend today however vinyl is often used in the place of a wood fence installation.

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