How to Tell if Your Fence is Damaged by Weather
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Weather doesn’t have to be severe to cause damage to your wooden fence.  Most fences stand alone in the elements with no structural cover.  Therefore, it is inevitable that your fence will be affected by weather at some point during its lifetime.  This is normal.  What you need to be careful of is that you make the needed repairs immediately to avoid further damage.

Effects of Weather on Your Fence

In western Pennsylvania, we experience all of the seasonal changes—rainy springs, hot summers, windy falls and snowy winters.  Understanding the effects that Pittsburgh weather can have on your fence will better prepare you for any necessary fence repairs.


Constant sunlight and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause discoloration to fences, especially wooden fences. If your fence appears faded or has sun spots, prolonged sun exposure is more than likely the culprit. There are stains and finishes available that you can apply to your fence to help protect it from UV rays.


You may have noticed after a bout of frigid temperatures that your fence was cracked in spots.

Extremely cold weather can cause your fence to become brittle and less flexible.  Add the pressure of a winter storm to the fragile state of your fence, and it becomes susceptible to cracks and breaks.  If you have not begun your fence installation on your Pittsburgh property, consider choosing a fence material that can accommodate a varying range of temperatures.

Moisture Damage and Rot

If your fence is starting to feel soft, more than likely mold, mildew and rot have already started their damaging effects.  Moisture can come from rain, sleet, snow, and ice—so there is really no season where your fence is free from moisture.  Applying waterproof stains and removing snow and ice as soon as it forms on your fence can help prevent moisture damage.

Broken Planks

Broken planks can be the result of a variety of weather conditions.  During heavy winter storms, it is important to remove snow and ice immediately.  The weight and pressure of the accumulated snow can cause your fence to break.  Hail, depending on its size, can be very destructive to your property, especially your fence.  Large sized hail can cause breakage or even unsightly marks on your fences’ surface.  Strong winds, along with flying debris, can also produce damaging effects to your fence.

After experiencing any severe weather conditions, it is extremely important to inspect your fence for any problem areas.  Performing repairs to affected areas as they happen will prevent larger problems down the road.

Sometimes the damage is only on the surface and you can paint or stain your fence to get it back to where it needs to be

Fence Installation and Repairs in Pittsburgh

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