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11 Ways To Decorate Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing goes by many different names. From wire mesh fence, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, to diamond mesh fence, it is still the same woven woven metal fence.  Sometimes they are coated in polyethylene, other times they are not. Either way, they aren’t the most stylish options for your yard. Here are some suggestions for transforming the look of your chain link fence!

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Paint

If your fence has no coating, and is just bare aluminum, a coat of paint can go a long way. You can paint the whole thing one color, or do the posts a different color than the mesh. You could get creative with it even. If you paint a landscape on it, or even show some spirit for your favorite sports team. The choice is yours! We recommend spray paint for speed. You can even simply utilize stencils to keep the lines crisp! Rust resistant paint is advised, paint that is suitable for the outdoors is required if you want it to last.

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Slats

Often used to add more privacy to a chain link fence, slats can also be used to decorate this type of fencing. If you use different colors, you can add some basic patterns vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can also paint on them as well if you are artistically inclined.

Tape Your Chain Link Fence

Privacy tape is similar to slats, but is a bit easier to work with. Like slats it also comes in different colors. It is not technically tape like it is named but has pins that help anchor it to your chain link fence.  Due to superior flexibility over slats, chain link fence tape can be used to make more intricate patterns and designs. Your imagination is only limited by the time you are willing to spend on it, and your budget.

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With a Screen

Fence screens also add privacy. They are simple, but since they are larger pieces they have a more finished look and are easier to set up. You can paint these as well with stencils of a phrase you like, or a logo to your company. You can even get some that look like box wood hedges or stone for a little bit more money. There are many printed fence screens on the market to customize your chain link fence! They are also easy to install with zip ties on by way of the holes provided on the corners.

Change The Whole Look Of Your Chain Link Fence With Panels or Planks

Maybe you are regretting getting a chain link fence. Maybe you wish you had a wooden or vinyl fence, but don’t have the funds or the time to get a new fence installed. You can get planks made of vinyl or wood and attach them with brackets to your chain link fence to give it a whole new look.

Frame Your Chain Link Fence

Just like the option above where you attach planks to your whole fence to make it appear like a vinyl or wooden fence, you can simply frame your chain link fence with a material of your choosing to make it stand out a little more. This style of chain link fence is called a California chain link fence.

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Plants

If your yard features a greener atmosphere, you may already have done this, but some trumpet vines, Virginia creepers, wisteria, or climbing rose can be a nice natural addition to your chain link fence. They will climb and decorate the ground around your fence nicely and give it an organic touch that blends well with your yard. Some small evergreens will look nice to cover up the posts on your chain link fence as well. Keep in mind though, that putting vegetation on your chain link fence can trap moisture, cause scratches, and shorten its life span.

Decorate Your Fence With Cups

Cups are more of a temporary decoration. They are used often by athletic fields at schools, but they allow you to easily create patterns!

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Lights

This one has an ongoing cost due to the energy, but if you select a type of rope lights that you like and weave them into the chain link fence, they can create a stunning atmosphere at night! You can pair this option with some of the previous design choices, like the imitation boxwood screens or another idea that comes to you while you are working on it!

Chain Link Fences Can Be Decorate With Found Objects

If you are handy and have a lot of junk lying around you can attach to your fence you can add chains, gears, and other metallic objects to your fence placed strategically to give it a mechanical appearance. Don’t overdo it though. Too much weight can be bad for your chain link fence!

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Rope

You can weave rope in between the wires on your chain link fence. You could alternatively just wrap the rope around the posts. Though natural hemp rope with have a better look, something synthetic will most likely last the longest!

Chain Link Fence Installation

If you have a chain link fence that needs repaired, or you need one installed, give us a call. We have been installing them for decades, and can offer you superior service and support, and a solid fence that will last for years to come!



Aluminum Fences: Pro’s And Con’s

Before having a fence installed on your property, it is important to research the different types of fencing to determine if their material and style accomplish what you are looking for. There will be different types to consider if you are looking for a durable fence vs. a fence that matches a particular aesthetic or something that is low maintenance or affordable. We have articles and information throughout our site on and off the blog to help you decide on each.  Today we will be looking at aluminum fences.

Aluminum Fence Pros

Aluminum Fences Are Easy To Install

Aluminum fence components are light, flexible, and respond well to the installation process. A professional fence company near you, like Pittsburgh Fence, can install an aluminum fence on your property pretty quickly. Aluminum fencing can also be installed on different grades of land without any gaps or problems securing the posts.

Aluminum Fences Are Relatively Inexpensive

If you are looking for a metal fence to avoid rot and maintenance, you may consider a steel fence or rot iron fence. Aluminum fences are much more inexpensive than the former two options. Building a fence out of aluminum does cost more than wood as far as installation; you will save money vs. a wood fence in installation costs.

Aluminum Fences Require Low Maintenance

Adding structures to your property can result in more maintenance and ongoing costs if you are not careful. Choosing low-maintenance options like aluminum fences and landscaping installations that last and are easier to mow around can prove to be less of a headache in the long run. Aluminum fences do not corrode like iron, and do not rot like wooden fences. There is no need to repaint them year after year to prevent them from blowing away in the wind and water over time as they degrade in the elements. Aluminum fences are basically maintenance-free and require only a hose down every month or so if you want them to stay blemish-free. If you want to put some extra work into it, you can spend some time cleaning them deeper after a harsh winter, but that is all choice because your aluminum fence will stay intact regardless.

Aluminum Fences Are Decorative And Come In Many Styles

For many Pittsburgh homeowners, a functional residential fence supersedes a fashionable fence. With an aluminum fence, you can have both! Aluminum fences come in many colors and style options that can be selected to match your home and other property design elements. Don’t sacrifice durability on a new fence, and don’t let your fence cramp your style; get an aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fences Have A Low Environmental Impact

Most aluminum fence options on the market are manufactured using aluminum that has been recycled. If your environmental footprint is a priority, take solace in the fact that you can recycle it when you are done with it years later to make a new fence for another back yard, or beer cans for having a cold one in your fenced in backyard from the comfort of your patio.

Con’s Of Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences Are Not As Durable As Other Options

An aluminum fence, while it requires little to no maintenance and will stand the test of time and the elements, is not as tough as a steel fence. Since aluminum is lightweight and malleable, it will not fare as well as some other fence types if you were to nudge it with a lawnmower vehicle by mistake or regularly pelt it with baseballs or rocks. Abusing your aluminum fence will most certainly result in dents or bent components if you are not careful.

Aluminum Fences Are Not Good For Security

If you aim to keep intruders off your property, or large animals in, then aluminum fencing is not for you for the same reasons listed above under durability. They are also reasonably easy to climb, and are not meant to withstand weight, or bars being bent.

Aluminum Fences Are Not Good For Privacy

Pittsburgh homeowners look to aluminum fences for style, aesthetics, and low maintenance costs. Most aluminum fences can be seen right through, as opposed to a vinyl plank fence or a wood plank fence. If you want to keep your property free from prying eyes, then keep looking because aluminum fences though stylish, bare everything in your yard to the people walking by unless you have trees or shrubs.

Aluminum Fence Installation

If you are interested in having an aluminum fence installed on your property, give us a call or fill out a form! We have been building fences for years and have made a name for ourselves around Pittsburgh! We are happy to help!

How to Care for Your Chain Link Fence

Caring for your chain link fence is an essential part of ensuring its longevity and structural integrity. To keep your chain link fence looking great and performing optimally, it’s essential to follow some basic tips and maintenance steps.

Inspect Your Fence

Start by inspecting the entire length of your fence. Check that all posts are firmly in place, with no signs of rotting or warping. Check for rust spots on the metal, and repair any damaged sections with a wire brush and a coat of rust-resistant paint. Once you have identified any areas that need attention, you can use a pressure washer to thoroughly wash down the fence and remove dirt, debris, and built-up grime.

Make Repairs to Your Chain Link Fence

If you find any loose wires or sections of the fence that need repair, take the time to make those repairs. It’s important to use a wire brush and rust-resistant paint when making repairs, as this will help prevent corrosion from occurring. If there are large holes in the mesh, it is best to replace these sections. You should also check the fence’s tension to ensure it is not too loose.

Protect From Weather Damage

After the fence has been washed, you can use a brush to apply a coat of chemical treatment and waterproof sealant to protect it from weather damage. This will help keep your chain link fence looking great while also protecting against corrosion and rusting.

Don’t Grow Plants in Your Chain Link Fence

Be careful not to grow plants in the chain link fence, as they can cause damage over time. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that your fence is free of debris and grass clippings, which can accumulate and eventually block airflow. If you have any outdoor furniture or other items near your fence, ensure they are securely attached and unlikely to be affected by strong winds.

Don’t Climb on the Chain Link Fence

It’s also important to ensure no one is climbing your chain link fence. Climbing can cause damage and weaken the structure, so it’s best to keep children and pets away from the fencing at all times.

Clean Your Fence Regularly

Finally, you can use a rag and mild detergent to clean any areas that may be affected by dirt or residue, such as around posts and gates. This helps maintain a neat appearance and reduces the chances of corrosion or rusting due to neglected dirt buildup.

Recycling Your Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence Installation Services in Pittsburgh

Following these simple tips and maintenance steps can ensure that your chain link fence stays in great condition for years to come. You can enjoy a secure and stylish fence in your yard with proper care. If you want a chain link fence installed on your Pittsburgh property, contact the experts at Pittsburgh Fence Company today!

How to Determine Fence Post Distance

When determining the distance between fence posts, the type of fencing material you use plays a significant role. Different types of fencing will require different post distances to ensure they are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Metal and Vinyl Panels

If your fence is made from metal or vinyl panels, 8-10 feet apart should be sufficient. However, if you’re using wooden pickets or boards, they can easily warp and gap over time and therefore require closer spacing—typically 6-8 feet apart. Additionally, if you plan to attach wire mesh to the posts for added security or protection from animals, then each post should be no more than 4-6 feet apart.

Distance for Fence Support

Fence posts also need to be able to support the amount of weight that will be on them due to wind pressure or snow accumulation. Generally speaking, heavier materials such as wrought iron and some types of wood will require closer post spacing for adequate support. If you’re unsure about your fence posts, it is best to consult with a local fencing expert or contractor who can give you advice on the most appropriate spacing for your fence material.

Consider the Yard Terrain

Finally, when planning where to place your fence posts, it’s essential to consider the terrain of your yard. Slopes and hills can affect how far apart your posts should be placed based on the amount of stress the fencing material will experience from side to side or in opposing directions. Additionally, if large trees are present near the fence line, their roots may compromise post stability over time and require closer post spacing.
Another thing to consider when you have a fence and are looking at the terrain, and installing it on your property, is whether or not you are responsible for both sides of the fence. Find out here!

Professional Fence Installation Services

In conclusion, there is no single answer to how far apart fence posts should be. By considering the type of fencing material you’re using, the weight or pressure it will need to support, and your yard’s terrain and tree placement, you can ensure that your fence is correctly constructed for its intended purpose.  Working with a fencing expert or contractor is always recommended for the best advice and results.
Pittsburgh Fence Company can install a variety of fences, from wrought iron to wood, to offer security and privacy to your property. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality fencing options!

Can A Fence Be Used As A Retaining Wall?

The answer to this question is not a clear-cut yes or no. While it may be possible to use a fence as a retaining wall in some applications, there are several factors that must be taken into account before making such a decision. Retaining walls differ from fences in their structure and purpose, and so using one instead of the other could lead to problems.

What Makes Fences and Retaining Walls Different?

Simply put, retaining walls are designed to hold back soil and/or water, while fences typically serve as a barrier between two areas of land. Retaining walls can be made to look nice, and work with the landscape, but their goal is always function. While fences can be purely decorative, and your retaining wall may be in place to give your yard dimension, retaining walls are built to hold things back; to retain them.  A fence also may simply not have the structural strength needed to maintain the integrity of your hillside, especially if your wall is holding back large amounts of soil or water. Additionally, fences tend to be designed with much smaller  and weaker posts than those used in some retaining walls, and may not be able to bear the weight of the soil or water they are holding back.
Even if your fence is strong enough to serve as a makeshift retaining wall, it will still require more maintenance and repair over time. Retaining walls are constructed with stronger materials and specifically engineered to withstand the weight of a collapsing hillside, and to resist the moisure of the land area it is holding back over a longer period of time. The primary function of a fence can be for privacy, security, decoration,  notification of a barrier, and more. Fence posts are often thinner, more brittle, and not buried as deep in the ground as retaining walls that are constructed similarly.  Though retaining walls are not always constructed with posts in the ground, versalok, or other types of formed landscaping blocks, are thick, durable, and heavy, so their weight is often enough of an anchor.

Can a Fence Serve as a Retaining Wall?

In short, while it may be possible in some edge case circumstances to use a fence as a short tem substitute for a retaining wall, it is not recommended due to significant structural differences. It is best to consult a professional before attempting such a project, and always be aware of the potential risks associated with using a fence instead of a proper retaining wall. In some cases, a fence can be used as a retaining wall to hold back small amounts of dirt using kickboards.
These are horizontal boards that are installed at the bottom of the fence. They touch the ground rather than the fence panels and are also called “rot boards.” This is because they will rot away from holding the dirt back rather than the actual fence. In this scenaior you will also need to be sure to have strong enough posts.
If you are unsure about whether or not this is the right solution for your situation, it is better to err on the side of caution and invest in an appropriatly engineered retaining wall that utilizes more effective materials, or consult a professional.

Expert Fence Installation in Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we can install a variety of fences based on your needs. Have questions about retaining wall fences? Contact our team today!

Can Fences Block Road Noise?


Whether you live on a street with heavy traffic or close to a highway, you may be looking for ways to reduce road noise. Fortunately, there are a few types of fencing that you can install that can help reduce the noise and make your indoor and outdoor experience quieter.

Facts About Sound Barrier Fences

Fencing can be installed to act as a sound barrier on your property. This type of fencing will typically utilize thick tongue-and-groove boards. When we install this type of fencing, we will nail these thick boards to heavy rails that are then supported by heavy posts.

Since items with more mass help dampen sound, we use thicker, heavier materials to construct a sound barrier fence. Fences like this can be constructed out of material such as wood and will be built up high and solid, with no gaps between the boards. High fencing is critical for blocking noise since sound waves can travel over a shorter fence.

In addition to using thick wooden boards, we can add mass-loaded vinyl to your fence. You can also get acoustic paneling. This vinyl will be added during the installation process and be stapled into the frame of the fence and then sandwiched between the wooden panels of the fence. Acoustic caulk will be used to fill in any seams in the vinyl, creating a solid barrier.

An adequately constructed fence of 8 to 10 feet in height can block up to around 10 decibels of road noise.

Other Ways to Block Sound Around Your Home

In addition to a sound barrier fence, you can also install a water feature, such as a fountain that provides white noise to help drown out the sound of the road or other ambient disturbances happening nearby.

You can also use trees and shrubs, and other greenery to dress up the space between you and the source of the sound, creating an out of sight out of, mind effect. This does little to cut out the actual sound coming from the road, but sometimes you can trick your brain.

Professional Fence Installation in Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we offer efficient fence installation services using expert techniques and high-quality materials. With a sound barrier fence, you can take back the peace and quiet in your backyard. To learn more or to get started with the fence installation process, contact us today!