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What Makes A Good Security Fence?

Installing a fence around your business or home is a great way to increase security. However, not all fences are created equal. When it comes to protecting your family or employees, some fences are better than others for security purposes. For a security fence installation, Pittsburgh Fence Co. wants to make sure you have the right fence to fit your budget and needs.

Is Your Security Fence A Privacy Fence?

When installing a fence to protect your business or home, think about a fence that allows at least minimal visuals of what is on the other side. Solid fencing should be avoided as it provides an easy way for the threats you are trying to keep out to hide. While solid fencing is great for privacy and security, there are other measures to take if one is to be implemented such as cameras with a high enough vantage point to see on the other side of the wall.

You will certainly want to consider the specific area you are installing a fence around. For example, you may want a solid fence if you are installing a fence around a pool or somewhere else you would want both security and privacy.

Make Your Security Fence Frustrating

When considering the design and structure of your security fence, you will also need to make sure that your fence is frustrating to people that would want to choose an entrance other than the front gate. You will want your fence to be at least 8 feet tall, so it is difficult to climb over. Many homeowners’ associations have fencing restrictions, so you will want to check with them before installing your fence.

It’s a Fence, Not a Ladder

Along with your fence being tall, you should limit the number of horizontal rails on your fence because they can easily boost up a vandal or intruder. You could also include spikes, points, or razor wire on top of your fence as an additional deterrent.

Securing Your Perimeter

Most importantly, your fence needs to secure the area you are trying to protect. Smaller fences can also work to provide security as well depending on what you are trying to keep out.  Generally though, focus on a fence that fully encloses the area and cannot be cut through easily. Consider adding a heavy-duty gate to increase security.

The first step to increase security around your property or home is a security fence installation. Pittsburgh Fence Co. recommends keeping the above factors in mind before installing a new security fence.

A strong, durable fence is a great first step in added security around your business or home. For more information about security fencing, contact Pittsburgh Fence Co. for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Call one of Pittsburgh Fence Co.’s offices today!

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Commercial Fencing: What is Best for My Business?

You might not know what to choose as the best type of fencing for your business. There are many options available to the fencing industry. Chain link, wood, and ornamental fence are the three many types of perimeter structures. The location and type of business you own are two determining factors in the type of fence you should get as each type of fence comes with its benefits.

To help in your decision of industrial and commercial fencing, Pittsburgh Fence Co. shares this guide.

Chain Link Fences

A business located in an industrial park would most likely use chain-link fencing. When using this type of fence for security purposes, it is important to have a minimum height of 6 feet and at least 9-gauge to truly optimize the benefits of the fence.

Chain link fences can also surround athletic fields for applications such as baseball and tennis!

Ornamental Fencing

When the appearance of the fence must be taken into consideration, ornamental fencing is the best type to use. It is an attractive security measure. Ornamental fences should be at least 6 feet high. There are varied fence rails that can be added to your selection of ornamental fencing. One example is picket fence tops which add to the aesthetic appeal and provide another security measure.

Three types of ornamental fencing:

  1. Welded Steel Fence: Black steel components are welded together to form a section that is then primed and painted. These sections are then welded directly to posts at the place of installation. Keep in mind that welded systems may begin to show rust after about a year, requiring wire brushing and repainting.
  2. Assembled Component Fencing: Galvanized steel components are machine punched and finished with a polyester powder coat. The components are assembled into sections using retaining rods or drive rivets after coating. The assembled sections are attached to posts using brackets. This type of installation does not compromise the coating which in turn, minimizes potential rust issues.
  3. Aluminum Ornamental Fencing: Manufactured like steel assembled components, this type of fencing is powder coated and joined into sections with either pop rivets or screws. The sections are then attached through brackets or holes in the post. This type of fencing is best for a coastal climate or when corrosive chemicals are nearby.

Wood Fencing

A residential business may opt for a wood or stick-built security fence. Wood privacy fences also are a top selection for dumpster enclosures as they can be built as tall as needs and will not break the bank.

Business owners have a ton of choices when it comes to industrial and commercial fencing. Pittsburgh Fence Co. is the best place for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Call one of Pittsburgh Fence Co.’s offices today:

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Wait! Don’t Get That Fence Yet!

If you are looking to build a fence around your Pittsburgh area property, take a look at the laws and regulations surrounding the process. Pittsburgh Fencing Co. has been putting fences around the Pittsburgh area for over 50 years, so we know a little something about fence law and requirements. When it comes to commercial fencing, Pittsburgh Fencing Co. is who you need!

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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fencing

Are you looking for a fence to add an extra element of design to your property? Vinyl fencing may be what you’re after. With vinyl fencing comes pros and cons.
The plastic-based material is comprised of polyvinyl chloride. It tends to be low maintenance, and you will avoid the cracking or splitting that comes with wood fencing. Additionally, vinyl fencing doesn’t rot, have problems with insects, or need refinishing.
Vinyl fencing comes in many colors and styles. You could get the best of both words – a vinyl fence textured to look like wood! Despite the pros of vinyl fencing, extreme storms can potentially warp the material, and there are high costs associated with the initial vinyl fence installation. Pittsburgh Fencing Co. shares more pros and cons below.

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