How Long Until A Cedar Fence Turns Grey?
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Typically wood fencing is made from pine, cedar, or redwood. These three types of wood are standard in wood fencing projects. Wood fencing, Pittsburgh Fence Co. says, is very versatile in functionality and appearance.

Cedar Wood Fencing Challenges

Cedar fencing, in particular, is impacted by too much sun and or water when it is outside. Outdoor cedar fences need to be stained to add a level of protection.

What Causes Cedar Wood Fences To Turn Grey?

The outer layer of cedar wood decays when hit with water, damaging the cells that are still alive and making the oils that give cedar wood its color and smell.
While the water decays the cedar, harming cedar’s natural oils, the sun dries out those oils and fades the color of your cedar fence.
When the water comes back, it impacts the dead cell tissues resulting in rot and mold. This combination continues to change the color of the cedarwood.

How Long Does It Take For Cedar Wood Fences To Turn Grey?

You may wonder how long it takes for the sun and water to turn the cedar wood grey. The answer: it takes about two weeks for the wood to change from red to gray. However, many factors can contribute to the length of time for the wood to change colors.

If your fence is shaded and dry, the color will last longer than a fence exposed to full sun or one that is heavily hit by rain or snow. It depends on how much water and sun are hitting your fence on a consistent basis.

How Can I Preserve My Cedar Wood Fence?

You really should stain and seal your fences from the beginning, but, say your fence has turned gray – then what should you do? Don’t worry; you can save the color! As soon as you notice your fence drying out, you should begin the staining process.
You will need to begin by pressure washing your fence before applying a wood brightener. After these steps, you will want to apply a good wood stain and sealer to protect your fence from future damage. This process should be completed every two years for full effect.

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