Chain Link Fences Pittsburgh

Chain link fencing is the most widely used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.  Clients who choose chain link fencing are getting a product that+ is fairly easy to install, affordable, and can last a very long time. Today, you can see chain link fencing in a variety of colors with black being the most popular color coating. Traditional metallic-coated chain link remains one of the most effective fencing systems.

Benefits Of Chain Link Fences

If you are looking to add a chain link fence to your Pittsburgh residential or commercial property, consider the following reasons that this option is among the most popular:

    • Inexpensive:  Chain link fencing is inexpensive to install. You can enclose much larger areas for a low cost.
    • Safety:  With chain link fencing for residential properties, safety is the number one priority.  It gives small children and pets the freedom to play outdoors without worrying about them running from your reach or wandering away.  In addition, it keeps them safe from stray animals that may be loose on the other side of the fence.
    • Security: Many homeowners and business owners install chain link fences simply for security.   With its chain links, this type of fencing provides an open view for optimal security.  The recommended thickness of the wire is at least 9-gauge, so it is more difficult for someone to breach with bolt cutters.  Avoid adding plants and flowers around your fence, which will decrease your visibility and reduce its effectiveness.  To make your fence more difficult for intruders to scale, consider adding fence-top deterrents, such as anti-climb spikes, points, or barbed wire.
    • Durability: Often referred to as the “hurricane fence,” chain link fences are strong and reliable even under the worst weather conditions.

Chain Link Fence Maintenance

A great deal is not needed, but you still need to give your fence some attention, like many other areas of your property.  Applying for rust protection every spring will extend the longevity of your chain link fence.  Regularly washing your fence a few times a year will prevent deterioration from any debris or substance that may adhere to your fence’s surface.  Proper maintenance of your chain link fence can make all the difference.

Chain Link Fence Installation

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we work closely with you to find the best and most affordable fencing solution for your home, property, business, and family. Contact us today to learn more about our chain link fence installation services in Pittsburgh.