Month: September 2022

The Best Fence To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

Rabbits are mostly harmless animals, but they can wreak havoc on your garden, munching on all the veggies and other plants that you’ve worked so hard to grow.

To help keep rabbits out of your garden, Pittsburgh Fence Company offers a wide range of fencing options to meet your needs.

Signs You Need A Fence To Fend Off Rabbits

Rabbits typically feed in the morning and the evening throughout the year. They primarily feed on grass, but they will also eat plants and veggies from your garden, especially in the spring and summer. Throughout the winter, they will seek bark from young fruit trees, shrubs, and vines.

Check your vegetables and other plants. If it looks like someone went through with pruning shears and cut off the stems of your young plants, then you likely have a rabbit problem. The cuts will be clean and angled. Lettuces and beet foliage will be cut down close to the ground, and tree trunks and vines will have gnawed rings around them.

You may also notice 1/4-1/2 inches fecal pellets left behind or footprints that show small front feet and large back feet. If you have noticed these signs, it’s time to install garden fencing to protect your plants.

Garden Fencing Options

Barrier Fencing

Installing a simple wire fence around your garden where the more vulnerable plants are is a foolproof method for protecting plants. Common rabbits such as cottontails won’t jump a 2-foot high fence, and jackrabbits won’t be able to hop a 3-foot fence.

If you plan to install a barrier fence, you will need to use woven wire, with the lower end turned outward at a 90-degree angle. It should then be buried six inches into the ground to keep rabbits from digging under the fence.

Wooden Fencing

Wood is a popular fencing option since it is available in a variety of styles, stains, paints, and colors. It also provides you with a traditional look at an affordable price while keeping animals out of your garden and away from your trees and shrubs.

Chain Link Fencing

Available in black or the traditional metallic-coated style, chain link fencing is popular and affordable fencing option for those who are looking to keep wildlife out or their pets in. Chain link fencing keeps children and pets safe while keeping animals out of your garden beds.

Vinyl Fencing

This fencing is made from a type of plastic that is made from ethylene and chlorine. This creates a versatile, affordable, and durable style of fencing that will protect your yard from rabbits and other wildlife. We can install a vinyl fence around your home’s perimeter that will protect your yard while accenting your home with various colors to choose from.

Landscape Design/Decorative Fencing

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we have the expertise in landscape design needed to incorporate fencing into your landscape as a way to decorate and frame your space. Protecting your garden from rabbits doesn’t need to look boring; we have decorative fencing options to help you achieve protection and style!

Looking for garden fencing in Pittsburgh? Look no further than Pittsburgh Fence Company. Contact us today to learn more!