What Is The Best Type Of Residential Fencing For Your Front Yard?
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fence in the front yard of home

There are many benefits to having a fence around your front yard. It can increase your home’s value, bring out the aesthetic of your greenery, and help make your home more secure. With the multitude of options available in fencing, there has got to be one that fits your budget. If you are pursuing a new residential fence installation, check out the options below!

Driveway Gate

Driveway gates combine style with security. There are a variety of designs to choose from. This type of fence helps you be selective in who enters your property. Maintenance includes cleaning, greasing, and rust removal. You are looking at between $800 and $4,000 depending on the type of material you select.

Wire Fence

A less stylish option, wire fencing costs between $3 – $5 per foot and is easy to install. If you want a privacy fence, wire fencing is not what you are after. It works great to keep kids and pets in the front yard. You will have to replace the fencing if damages occur.

Chain Link Fence

This inexpensive option adds an additional layer of security to your home. Like wire fencing, it won’t work as a privacy fence, but it will contain your kids and pets. Chain link fences are a versatile and durable option, giving you the freedom to choose from different heights and thicknesses. You are looking at between $5 – $40 per foot depending on height and thickness. You will want to apply rust protection yearly to proactively protect your fence from the elements.

Lattice Fence

Great for gardening, this type of fencing looks great when incorporated into your landscape. You can intertwine vines and plants to make it an appealing privacy fence. Cost depends on the material and if you plan to hire a professional or DIY. You will need to do the necessary pruning of plants to maximize longevity.

Split Rail Fence

The split rail fence is a classic. Inspired by rural landscapes, it shows off your greenery while marking the boundaries of your properties. It does not provide much privacy or security though. It costs between $4 – $12 per foot. You will want to seal the wood.

Stacked Stone Fence

This design can give your home the country cottage look. It is another type of fence that can be incorporated into your landscape if you choose. If it is built high enough, it can contain kids and pets in the front yard. You are looking at between $5 – $60 per square foot depending on height and thickness. To keep it protected, you will want to apply sealant every year or so.

Brick or Stone Columns/Fence

While your wallet may take a bit of a hit, brick or stone fencing increases your home’s property value as it makes your home look more upscale. Depending on what you choose to install between the columns, this type of fence can also provide privacy and security. It will cost between $10 – $80 depending on the thickness of the columns. To keep it looking new, you will want to clean the columns as you see fit.

Privacy Hedge

Say a fence does not exactly match your style. This is where a privacy hedge comes in. It provides privacy while maintaining your home’s property value. These hedges also block noise and wind. They require regular pruning and care along with your other greenery.

Tall Privacy Fence

Typically used as backyard fences, tall privacy fences can also be used in the fence to keep nosy neighbors out. The downside of this type of fence is that you will not be able to show off your front landscape. Before you start building, check with your local HOA to make sure the height meets regulations. The cost depends on the type of material you choose to use. This type of fence requires washing every so often.

Aluminum/Wrought Iron Fence

These decorative fences are a beautiful border for your front yard. They allow you to show off your landscape while adding a layer of protection to your property. There are tons of design options, so you will be able to find something that matches your aesthetic. Aluminum/wrought iron fences typically run $20 – $25 per foot. To best care for this type of fence, make sure you clean rust off as soon as you see it.

Picket Fence

A sign of the American Dream, a picket fence is amongst the most popular options. It’s a classic for suburban homes. It does not add much privacy or security, but it works to keep kids and pets in while marking the lines of your property. The cost depends on if you choose to use vinyl or wood.
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