Fence Guide

Pittsburgh Fence Buying Guide

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we are dedicated to making the process of purchasing and installing a fence as smooth as possible. To help make this process easier, we have put together a fence buying guide for our Pittsburgh-area customers.

What You Need to Know Before Your Fence is Installed

Now that you have decided to move forward with purchasing your fence from Pittsburgh Fence Company, please have the following information prepared for discussion:

  • Approximate budget for your fence
  • Standards and codes of your municipality
  • Purpose the fence will serve (security, curb appeal, privacy, etc.)
  • Design features you want for your fence such as material, height, style, etc.
  • The precise location of the fence
  • Location of any underground utilities that will affect the installation
  • Date you would like to have your fence installed by

By discussing this information in detail with our fence experts, we will be able to develop a design and installation plan to ensure your fence installation meets your needs for function and style.

Streamline the Fence Buying Process by Being Prepared

To help streamline your fence buying process and ensure a smooth transition into your fence installation, it is also essential to have the following information available prior to meeting with one of our fence installation experts:

  • Desired footage of your fence installation
  • An idea/basic layout of the fence design you have in mind
  • An estimated budget for your fence installation project
  • Have a survey of your property performed by a professional or have your property corners clearly defined

After this information is determined, our team of professionals will have what they need to begin the installation of your fence. If you have any questions about our services or would like to get an estimate, contact Pittsburgh Fence Company today!