Parking Lots

It is important for any commercial location to have fencing along the perimeter of its parking lot. We can provide a variety of fencing options to ensure your property’s parking lot is secure and convenient for your customers.

Guard Rails

Pittsburgh Fence Parking lots
It all depends on what you want your fence to do. We can install guard rails around your parking lot to prevent the cars that are parked there from going into ditches or over embankments. Guard rails also can help protect the cars in your lot from other cars in neighboring parking lots from hitting the cars in your lot. Pittsburgh Fence Company has had all sorts of requests over the years and has grown its lists of services to include solutions for every fencing need.

Chain Link Fencing

While guard rails are more geared toward keeping vehicles in or out, a tall chain link fence is a great option to deter most people as well. If you upgrade it with some barbed wire or razor wire the security of your fencing is only increased.

Automated Access Systems

Depending on the nature of your business and the area you are in, you might need a little something extra. Pittsburgh Fence Company also offers access systems to provide greater control over access to your parking lot. Sometimes a simple fence and or a gate and a padlock is not going to do the trick.  With an access system, you can white list who goes in and out as you please.