Do I Need a Fence Around My Swimming Pool?
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Pool Fencing Pittsburgh

Summer is around the corner and your dream plans of a backyard pool are ready to be put into action. Excavation…check, Foundation…check, Liners…check, Water…check, Fencing…don’t know? Swimming pool fencing is an item you don’t want to overlook before pool season.

Depending on your municipality, there may be codes requiring fencing around backyard pools. Some codes are very strict when it comes to height, type and other items that are needed to ensure the enclosure is appropriate. Whether it is needed or not, there are several benefits to fence installation around swimming pools.

Benefits to Swimming Pool Fencing in Pittsburgh, PA

Hiring an experienced and reputable fence contractor, like Pittsburgh Fence Company located in Carnegie, PA, is essential to install a fence that meets your needs. Pittsburgh Fence Company has been providing fence installation to residential properties in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, as well as Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties for over 50 years. We have seen the benefits of securing backyard swimming pools and are willing to help you reap them.



Swimming pool fencing is a must, and required in most areas, to ensure pool safety and prevent accidental drownings. For those with small children and pets, it provides an added level of safety and minimizes the risks your pool poses. Always keep in mind that swimming pool fencing never takes the place of adult supervision. For those pets that have the lay of the land when you are not home, make sure that your fence has a self-latching gate so they are not tempted to go for a swim.



Securing the perimeter of your pool from unwanted guests, humans or animals, is another benefit of swimming pool fencing. Ask any pool owner and they will tell you about that unwelcome wild animal they had to retrieve from their pool waters. Not something you want to deal with before a relaxing day in your backyard oasis. In addition to the uninvited furry guests, you want to make sure that strangers or even neighborhood kids don’t wander near your pool when you are not around. You want to choose a fence that is difficult for outsiders to go through, over or under. As a pool owner, you are liable for any injuries or accidents that take place on your property or in your pool. Fence installation can be a quick, simple, affordable way to limit your liability.



Whether you live in a residential plan or have acres of property, privacy is an important part of home ownership, especially when you have a pool. Sounds of summertime fun seem to attract surprise guests, as well as those wanting a peek. You want to know that your every move is not being monitored.   For privacy, some fences will achieve your goal more than others, but depending on your proximity to neighbors, fence height will be a factor in your decision making.


Backyard Appeal

Investing in the right type of swimming pool fencing will ultimately add value to your home and property. You’ll want to choose something that not only matches your house and pool, but the look of the neighborhood, too. Depending if you want your pool on full display with wire or mesh fencing or are looking for seclusion with a privacy fence, your fence installation will still offer the benefits of safety and security.


Fence Installation in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Fence Company, western Pennsylvania’s premier fencing provider, has been delivering top-tier quality craftsmanship to residential properties in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties for over 50 years. To ensure your swimming pool fencing will achieve the best results from your investment, choose Pittsburgh Fence Company to assist you with your fence installation.

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