Can You Install Fencing for Businesses in the Winter?
February 25, 2024 Comments: 0

fencing for businesses installed in winter

Can You Install Fencing For Businesses In The Winter?

You’re bundled up on your way to work as the temperature is dropping and snow is projected to fall within the next week. You can see your breath in the air as you exchange greetings with your colleague.

Maybe you have been thinking about installing a fence for quite some time now at your business for an added level of security, or maybe your reasons are more about aesthetics. You may be wondering if getting an outdoor fencing installation completed in the winter is likely to be a bad decision, or even possible. However, winter can be one of the best times to purchase fencing for business properties.

The home improvement industry does slow down in the winter months as homeowners are doing fewer projects, but as long as the ground is packed solid, fencing can still be installed in the cold – yes, even in the snow!

Installing a Fence In The Winter

Pittsburgh business owners and homeowners alike can get a fence installed in the winter for homes and commercial properties provided that the fencing contractors are in operation during the winter months.

When you get a fence installed in the winter, you can get ahead of the typical times people start their residential or commercial fence installation process. By spring, the wait times get longer as the time for fence permits to get approved increases. This takes longer in peak season due to increased demand and longer delivery times of the fence materials themselves. Especially with the supply chain being what it is lately.

Since we are in Western Pennsylvania – with temperamental weather. One day, it’s 60 degrees and cloudy when the next, it’s snowing and 15 degrees. This year, we have had a mild winter with relatively low snowfall and though temperatures soon may consistently drop, the outdoor conditions are actually still good for digging the post holes that your fence posts will be installed in.

If you are looking for an access fence, chain link fence, wooded fence, or any of the other fence options for around your building or parking lot, let us know, and we will help you find the fence solution that meets your needs!

By installing a fence with a local fence company near you such as Pittsburgh Fence Co. you can get ahead of the rush and have the full spring and summer to enjoy the benefits your new fence will provide.

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