Preparing Your Fence for Fall Weather
June 25, 2024 Comments: 0

Fall has officially begun in the Pittsburgh area.  It’s time to enjoy football games, pumpkin patches, autumn festivals and apple cider. As homeowners, we also know that translates into prepping our yards, especially before the snow begins to fall.  Ensuring that your fence is ready to withstand the changing seasons is a must at this time of year.

Before the changing weather conditions wreak havoc on your fence, Pittsburgh Fence Company suggests you take the following steps to prepare your fence for fall.   

Fall Fence Maintenance in Pittsburgh

Inspect Your Fence for Any Damage

As tedious as it may sound, inspect every board of your fence for signs of damage, especially if you have a wooden fence.  Wooden fences are more susceptible to water damage than vinyl fences. Ensuring that your fence posts and boards are structurally sound will prevent problems from heavy snowfalls and other damaging effects of winter weather in Pittsburgh.

If moisture from summer rain and humidity has caused parts of your wooden fence to rot, you will want to take care of it immediately.  If only a board or two is damaged, you can quickly replace the affected boards. If boards are caving in and posts are loose and wobbly, now is the time to look into replacing your fence.  Not only will additional moisture from snow further damage your wooden fence, but it will not be able to withstand the weight of heavy snow.


Waterproof Your Wooden Fence

If your fence appears to be free of rot, more than likely your fence will last through another season of unpredictable Pittsburgh weather.  If you have a wooden fence, be sure to apply a waterproof sealant, paint or stain to protect your fence through winter. Choose a high-quality brand that will prevent rain, snow and moisture from soaking into the wood. Vinyl fences do not require any type of sealant or stain, as they are already waterproof.  By performing a quick splash test to your wooden fence, you will be able to tell if your fence is properly waterproofed. Splash water onto the fence and if it beads up, you are good to go. If it doesn’t bead and it soaks into the wood, you will need to apply a new coat of sealant or waterproof stain.


Keep Leaves Away from Your FenceFence Maintenance Pittsburgh

Whether you have a wooden or vinyl fence, it is important to keep leaves away from your fence.  Be sure to rake the leaves to the center of your yard. Leaves and debris stacked against your fence collect moisture causing wooden fences to rot and vinyl fences to stain from algae growing.  It is important to make sure you maintain the falling leaves, especially before the snow falls—causing additional moisture to wreak havoc on your fence.


Remove Low-Hanging Branches from Above Your Fence

If you have low-hanging, or even weaker branches, looming over your fence, be sure to remove them as you prepare your yard for the upcoming seasons.  Heavy snow could cause the branches to fall and damage your fence. In addition, the blistery winter winds could cause the branches to become weak and fall.  


Pittsburgh Fence Company Can Help Prepare Your Yard for Fall Weather

If you are in need of a long-lasting fence that will withstand the changing seasons in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, the Pittsburgh Fence Company is happy to help.  As western Pennsylvania’s premier fencing provider, we have been delivering top-tier quality craftsmanship to residential properties in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties for over 50 years.  You can expect your fence investment to be an attractive, safe, long-lasting and secure addition to your outdoor space for years to come.


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