Month: July 2023

11 Ways To Decorate Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing goes by many different names. From wire mesh fence, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, to diamond mesh fence, it is still the same woven woven metal fence.  Sometimes they are coated in polyethylene, other times they are not. Either way, they aren’t the most stylish options for your yard. Here are some suggestions for transforming the look of your chain link fence!

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Paint

If your fence has no coating, and is just bare aluminum, a coat of paint can go a long way. You can paint the whole thing one color, or do the posts a different color than the mesh. You could get creative with it even. If you paint a landscape on it, or even show some spirit for your favorite sports team. The choice is yours! We recommend spray paint for speed. You can even simply utilize stencils to keep the lines crisp! Rust resistant paint is advised, paint that is suitable for the outdoors is required if you want it to last.

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Slats

Often used to add more privacy to a chain link fence, slats can also be used to decorate this type of fencing. If you use different colors, you can add some basic patterns vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can also paint on them as well if you are artistically inclined.

Tape Your Chain Link Fence

Privacy tape is similar to slats, but is a bit easier to work with. Like slats it also comes in different colors. It is not technically tape like it is named but has pins that help anchor it to your chain link fence.  Due to superior flexibility over slats, chain link fence tape can be used to make more intricate patterns and designs. Your imagination is only limited by the time you are willing to spend on it, and your budget.

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With a Screen

Fence screens also add privacy. They are simple, but since they are larger pieces they have a more finished look and are easier to set up. You can paint these as well with stencils of a phrase you like, or a logo to your company. You can even get some that look like box wood hedges or stone for a little bit more money. There are many printed fence screens on the market to customize your chain link fence! They are also easy to install with zip ties on by way of the holes provided on the corners.

Change The Whole Look Of Your Chain Link Fence With Panels or Planks

Maybe you are regretting getting a chain link fence. Maybe you wish you had a wooden or vinyl fence, but don’t have the funds or the time to get a new fence installed. You can get planks made of vinyl or wood and attach them with brackets to your chain link fence to give it a whole new look.

Frame Your Chain Link Fence

Just like the option above where you attach planks to your whole fence to make it appear like a vinyl or wooden fence, you can simply frame your chain link fence with a material of your choosing to make it stand out a little more. This style of chain link fence is called a California chain link fence.

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Plants

If your yard features a greener atmosphere, you may already have done this, but some trumpet vines, Virginia creepers, wisteria, or climbing rose can be a nice natural addition to your chain link fence. They will climb and decorate the ground around your fence nicely and give it an organic touch that blends well with your yard. Some small evergreens will look nice to cover up the posts on your chain link fence as well. Keep in mind though, that putting vegetation on your chain link fence can trap moisture, cause scratches, and shorten its life span.

Decorate Your Fence With Cups

Cups are more of a temporary decoration. They are used often by athletic fields at schools, but they allow you to easily create patterns!

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Lights

This one has an ongoing cost due to the energy, but if you select a type of rope lights that you like and weave them into the chain link fence, they can create a stunning atmosphere at night! You can pair this option with some of the previous design choices, like the imitation boxwood screens or another idea that comes to you while you are working on it!

Chain Link Fences Can Be Decorate With Found Objects

If you are handy and have a lot of junk lying around you can attach to your fence you can add chains, gears, and other metallic objects to your fence placed strategically to give it a mechanical appearance. Don’t overdo it though. Too much weight can be bad for your chain link fence!

Decorate Your Chain Link Fence With Rope

You can weave rope in between the wires on your chain link fence. You could alternatively just wrap the rope around the posts. Though natural hemp rope with have a better look, something synthetic will most likely last the longest!

Chain Link Fence Installation

If you have a chain link fence that needs repaired, or you need one installed, give us a call. We have been installing them for decades, and can offer you superior service and support, and a solid fence that will last for years to come!