Preparing Your Wooden Fence for Fall
July 23, 2024 Comments: 0

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As a homeowner, the end of summer signifies the start of fall preparation for your outdoor spaces.  Having your backyard ready before the weather cools and snowfalls is a must at this time of year.

One of the first areas to tackle is your fencing, especially if it’s wooden.  Making sure that your wooden fence can withstand the changing seasons will save you time and money once spring rolls around.

Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. suggests you take the following steps to prepare your wooden fence for fall.

Inspect for Damages

It is important to inspect every board of your fence for signs of damage.  Water damage from summer rains and humidity is common for wooden fences.  This damage leads to wood rot, which eventually weakens your fence.  Make sure that your fence posts and boards are structurally sound, which will lessen the effects of heavy snowfalls and other havoc wreaked by winter weather in Pittsburgh.

If you notice problem areas, repair them immediately.  Fence repairs are less costly when you only have to replace a board or two.  If several boards are damaged and your fence posts are wobbly, more than likely you will need to replace your fence.  With heavy snowfalls in Pittsburgh, now is the time to make fence repairs, so that your wooden fence can withstand the conditions.  If needed, a local fence company, such as Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. can perform the inspection and any recommended fence repairs.

Clean Before Waterproofing

From bird droppings to stains to mold from excess moisture, be sure to thoroughly clean your fence before fall.  Any of these items may begin to breakdown your wooden boards and posts.  Plus, you will want to have a clean surface prior to applying a waterproof sealant.

Waterproof Your Wooden Fence

Be sure to apply a high-quality brand waterproof sealant, paint or stain to prevent rain, snow and moisture from soaking into your wooden fence. A quick splash test will be able to tell you if your fence is properly waterproofed.  If the water beads up on the wood, you are good to go.  If it doesn’t bead and it soaks into the wood, then a new coat of sealant or waterproof stain will need to be applied.

Remove Debris and Leaves

With any type of fence, it is important to keep leaves and debris away from the boards and posts.  Stacked against your fence, these items collect moisture causing mold, mildew and fence rot. When you are raking this fall, be sure to rake the leaves to the center of your yard to prevent future fence damage.  And don’t forget to maintain falling leaves, especially before the snow falls when the additional moisture will wreak havoc on your wooden fence.

 Remove Low-Hanging Branches and Limbs

As you prepare your yard for fall, be sure to remove any low-hanging or even loose branches, that may be looming over your fence.  High winds and heavy snow could cause loose branches and limbs to fall and damage your fence.  This simple task could prevent costly fence repairs and replacement due to a cracked fence.

Local Fence Company Can Help Prepare Your Pittsburgh Fence for Fall Weather

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