Which Side of the Fence Am I Responsible for Maintaining?
July 23, 2024 Comments: 0

side of the fence needing mowed

Fencing boundary issues are a common occurrence between neighbors and have been since fencing was installed between homes. In some cases, it can be difficult to determine whether the fences that split the land into different sections belong to one parcel or the other.

When each property owner has a fence, it can be easy to determine which parcel they are responsible for, whereas, with a single fence, it can make the process more difficult.

Check the Conveyance Deed of the Home

If you purchased the home with the fence already present, the former owner should have included the information about fence ownership in the deed.

In many cases, you will be responsible for the fence at the left or the right of your land. You will need to check the conveyance deed to avoid any issues.

When checking the conveyancing deed, ownership is indicated with a T, marking one side of the boundary. If there is an H rather than a T, the boundary is shared by both parties.

If there is a boundary shared by both parties, this is called a party fence, so you will need to work with your neighbor about how to deal with the maintenance of the fence. If you want to have total ownership of the fence, you could follow the legal process to buy out your neighbor’s half of the fence.

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