Choosing the Height of Your Fence
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If you are in the process of choosing fencing for your Pittsburgh property, fence height will be a factor in your decision making.  Be sure to do your research and work with a local fence company in Pittsburgh to ensure you are getting the most from your fence installation.

Depending on where you live, there may be rules and regulations regarding fence height.  Before installing your fence, be sure to check if there are any height requirements with the local borough or HOA.  Every area may be different, but here are some things to consider as you plan your fence installation:

  • Reason for Fence Installation – Determine the goal of your fence installation.  Is it for security, privacy, safety, property designation or curb appeal?
  • Location of Fence Installation – Will it be installed in your front yard or backyard?  Will it be installed between your property and your neighbor’s?  Will it be surrounding a pool area?
  • Observe HOA Policies and Local Laws – It is your responsibility, not your fence company’s, to abide by the height regulations for your Pittsburgh property.  In addition, there may be regulations dictating the style and location of your fence.  It’s better to find out in the planning stages than having to reinstall your fence later.

Height Guidelines for Your Local Fence Installation

While you consider the items above, there are some general guidelines regarding fence heights that you can follow as you plan your fence installation.


Privacy is an important part of homeownership, especially if you have close neighbors.  The most popular fence height for privacy is six feet.


In addition to height, effective security fences require you to consider many factors when choosing one that will truly protect your home and family.  Higher isn’t better if a trespasser can easily breach or climb over your fence.  You want to choose one that is durable with fence-top deterrents, such as anti-climb spikes, points or barbed wire. The U.S. Department of Defense recommends a minimum height of six feet for security, but you also need to choose a fence type that is difficult for outsiders to go through, over or under.


If you have small children, animals or a pool on your property, determining the proper height of your fence installation is critical.  Most four foot fences are large enough to keep children and pets safe from leaving the yard.  In addition, most four foot tall pool fences are generally adequate to keep uninvited guests from accidental drownings, but you should check the local ordinances because the height requirements may vary for pools.

Property Designation

Fence height for property designation, whether it is for curb appeal or boundary lines, will differ between your front yard and backyard.  Front yard fences typically don’t exceed three feet and backyard fences are generally six feet tall.

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