Why Choose Vinyl Fencing
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Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing, also known as PVC fencing, has become increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties.  It does not require surface preparation, priming, painting, and ongoing maintenance.  Due to its versatility, affordability and durability it is a great alternative to traditional wood fencing.


Six Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Professional fencing companies, such as Pittsburgh Fence Company, based in Carnegie, PA, work closely with clients to determine the most effective solution for their fencing needs.  When deciding if vinyl fencing is the right option for your residential or commercial property, Pittsburgh Fence Company recommends you consider the benefits that vinyl has to offer.

Cost: Initially, the cost of installing vinyl fencing may seem higher than other types of fencing, but the cost savings are realized in the long term.  Vinyl fencing does not require major upkeep.  In addition, due to its durability and longevity, it will not need to be replaced in a few years.  The time and money saved by not having to continually refinish and replace a vinyl fence makes it cost-effective.

Installation: The installation of vinyl fencing is a much simpler process than wood fencing or other alternatives.  Simply put, it involves sliding the rails into the posts and securing the posts into the ground.

Maintenance:  The amount of maintenance required is a huge contributing factor when choosing fencing.  With vinyl fencing, there is little to no maintenance involved.  It does not rust, does not require painting or staining and should not require refinishing.  Unlike wood, vinyl fences do not get damaged by termites or dry rot.  Additionally, due to their glossy, non-porous surfaces, dirt and other outdoor markings can be easily sprayed off or cleaned with everyday household cleaners.  That is, only if a good rain hasn’t already done the job!

Durability:  Vinyl fencing is known to last a lifetime.  It may lose a little sheen over time, but the color will not fade.  Vinyl fences are UV-protected, which means they reflect the sun’s rays allowing the fence to hold its color and not require painting.  Due to their strength and flexibility, vinyl fences can withstand the harshest of weather, not to mention the bumps and knocks from a backyard occupied by active kids.

Availability of Options:  By choosing vinyl fencing, your color options have expanded greatly.  At Pittsburgh Fence Company, clients are able to choose from a wide variety of fade-resistant colors to match any part of a residential or commercial property.  Vinyl fencing allows flexibility when working on a unique project.

Environmentally Friendly:  Vinyl fences are constructed of non-toxic materials that are 100% recyclable, which makes them the best eco-friendly choice!

Known for its strength, longevity, low maintenance and safety to the environment, a vinyl fence is a smart option for those in the market for residential or commercial fencing.


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