Wood Fencing Pittsburgh

Wood has always been a popular choice for fence installation due to the many options available in styles, paints, stains and colors, as well as providing a traditional look at a reasonable price.   It does require regular maintenance, such as staining and repair, but you will find the initial installation to be much less expensive than other options.

Adding wood fencing to your Pittsburgh property has many advantages, in addition to being a cost-effective choice.  Wood fences project an intimate, cozy atmosphere while providing a great deal of privacy.  Complementing your property with a style, color and wood type that best accentuates your property, will not only add value, but curb appeal, too.

When it comes to choosing a type of wood fencing, there are several different types available.  Not all wood fences fall into the white picket fence category synonymous with the American dream of homeownership.  If you are looking into fence installation on your Pittsburgh property, consider the following types:

Vertical Board Fencing

Fences with tall vertical boards, overlapped or butted edge to edge, allow for optimal privacy, as well as wind protection.  If your property is in a high traffic area or too close to neighbors, this is an excellent choice for privacy as well as muffling noise.

Louver Fencing

Louver fencing offers a unique form of privacy.  When viewed straight on, it appears to not have any openings, but the vertical louvers, or staggered boards, offer ventilation and open views from either side.  This type of fencing is ideal for pools, decks and patios.

Lattice Fencing

Often seen around gardens or patios, a lattice fence consists of thin diagonal wood slats arranged in a crisscross pattern.  Many homeowners add climbing vines and flowers to this type of fencing.

Post and Rail Fencing

As simple as its name, this type of wood fencing is made up of posts and vertical rails.  Due to the no fuss nature of a post and rail fence installation, this is commonly used as an enclosure for livestock or as a boundary marker.

Picket Fencing

An aesthetically pleasing addition to any front yard or pool enclosure, the picket fence is characterized by its widely spaced pointy-topped pickets.  Typically three to four feet high, the pointy tops of picket fences discourage climbing trespassers, but still allow a pleasing view of the enclosed area.

Professional Wood Fence Installation

At Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc., we install a variety of wood fences for residential and commercial clients in the Pittsburgh area.  Some of the most popular types of wood include pressure-treated pine, redwood, cedar and white oak.  Our team works closely with you to find the best and most affordable fencing solution for your home, property, business and family. Contact us today to learn more about our fence installation services in Pittsburgh.

Wood Fence Installation Pittsburgh

Wood Fence Installation Pittsburgh