Gates For Your Home Or Business
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There are many types of gates out there to stand as the frontline to protect your residential property or business. When beginning the process of finding the right gate, you will want to understand all the options to ensure everything goes smoothly

The two categories of gates are manual and automatic. While the gates come in the same styles,  manual gates have been around longer but are operated by hand. Automated gates not only protect your home or business, but they improve your safety as the gate can be operated with an opener from your vehicle.

Types of Gates

For both manual and automatic gates, there are three types: swinging, sliding, and overhead. When selecting your gate type, consider the space you have, the gate construction materials, the frequency of use, the length of the gate, and your driveway slope.


These types of gates either move inward or outward away from the walls it’s attached to. Internal swinging gates are perfect for residential driveways that are close to the main roads as they do not obstruct traffic. External swinging gates are the right choice for short or ascending driveways.


Sliding gates run parallel to the attached walls. These types of gates are good for driveways that are either steep or have minimal clearance.


Similar to overhead garage doors, these gate types more up and down and are expected to grow in popularity.

Gate Materials

Metal and wood are the two primary materials for gate construction.

The majority of gates are made of metals like steel, aluminum, and iron. Durability and sturdiness are heavily dependent on the type of metal with steel being the strongest and most durable.

Wood gates are perfect for homeowners seeking an authentic look. No two wooden gates are alike. They do require much more upkeep compared to their metal counterparts.

The highly trained gate specialists at Pittsburgh Fence Co. are ready to customize any access control system to meet your security needs. To take the first step in protecting your home or business with an automated gate, contact Pittsburgh Fence Co. for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Call one of Pittsburgh Fence Co.’s offices today:

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