7 Additional Uses For Fencing
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fence around air conditioning

Fencing is most often sought because it provides security and privacy to residential and commercial properties. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can utilize fencing for more reasons than beyond setting a perimeter. Here are 7 Additional uses for fencing in Pittsburgh.

Enclose Your HVAC

It’s no secret HVAC systems are costly. Protect your system from damages and property-related crime by using fencing. Your yard will also look much more attractive with your air conditioning concealed behind a stylish shroud. Wooden fencing and vinyl fencing are the two best types for these projects. Wooden fencing offers a variety of options and is aesthetically pleasing. Vinyl fencing is durable and also comes in many different styles to match the rest of your property.

Protect Your Electrical Equipment

Keep your electrical meters, utility boxes, and generators safe with fencing.  You will wish you had sufficient protection in case of a theft or lawnmower accident. It will also enhance the look of your property to have these items blended in with the landscape. There are many types of fences that you can choose for this purpose.

Hide Your Trash Cans, Recycling, and Dumpsters

Your trash cans, recycling, and other waste disposal containers probably sit alongside your house or garage until you take them to the road. Especially if you have bags sitting next to them, they tend to be rather unsightly. Use fencing to hide the trash from view and keep animals from rummaging through. Wooden fencing and vinyl fencing will suit this purpose nicely. You will want to avoid chain link fencing as the peskiest garbage marauders have a proven history of fitting through small holes and have demonstrated their ability to climb. You will want to make sure whatever option you select can have a gate for your easy access.

Deter Access From Off-Limit Areas

Use fencing to keep people and cars away from off-limit areas. Set boundaries with fencing to prevent damages. Guard rails are perfect for this job.

Fence Your Parking Pad

For privacy and a clear division of parking space, fence your parking pad. This can also help protect your cars. Wooden, chain link, vinyl, or iron fencing can be used for this job. Be sure to have a gate for easy access.

Protect Your Garden

Protect your hard work from animals by putting up decorative or landscape fencing. Not only will these types of fencing protect your plants, but they also can complement your property. Allow us to install quality garden fencing. Pittsburgh homeowners should defend their crops with quality.

Surround Your Pond

Put landscape fencing to use for minimal obstruction of your beautiful backyard pond. Other types of fencing, like wooden or chain link, can be used for the job, but those types may obstruct your view.

For more information about alternative uses for garden fencing, contact Pittsburgh Fence Co. for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Call one of Pittsburgh Fence Co.’s offices today or contact us on our website!

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