Month: October 2022

How Do you Tear Down An Old Wooden Fence?

If your wooden fence has reached the end of its lifespan, it’s time to tear the old fence out and replace it with a new one! For this project, you may wonder where to start. At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we’ve put together an article on how to tear down our old wooden fence efficiently and safely. If you are not up to the task and are planning on getting a new fence afterward,  give us a call!

Preparing to Remove the Old Fence

Before you can tear down your old fence, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. Make sure the area around the fence is clear and that nothing is obstructing your path. You also want to make sure the fence is on your property by checking where the property lines are.

We also recommend that you check with the power and utility companies to make sure there are no lines for phone, water, or power near your old fence. You should also look into getting a dumpster or container of some kind to place the fence materials in to make hauling it away easier.

Steps for Removing Your Old Fence

First, you’ll need to gather some tools. A claw hammer, pry bar, and saw will all come in handy. You may also need a sledgehammer if the fence posts are set in concrete. Start by knocking the vertical boards away from the frame of the fence.

Next, you’ll need to remove any nails or screws holding the fence boards in place. Use the claw hammer or pry bar to remove the fasteners carefully.

Once all of the boards are removed, you can focus on taking down the fence posts. If they’re set in concrete, you’ll need to use the sledgehammer to break up the concrete and then remove the posts. If they’re not set in concrete, you should be able to simply dig around them and pull them out of the ground.

With the posts removed, your old wooden fence is now successfully torn down! You can dispose of the materials as you see fit.

Wooden Fence Installation Services in Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we specialize in wooden fence installation for Pittsburgh homeowners. Once your old fence is removed, or even before, and you are looking for a new fence,  Contact our fencing experts today to get started! If you want a replacement fence, we do more than wooden fences! Consider vinyl, or something more ornamental! Let us know what you need! Call Pittsburgh Fence Company today!