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Securing Your Business with a Fence

Securing Your Business with a Fence

There are many benefits to installing a fence around your business or commercial property.  With security and privacy being the obvious ones, there is also curb appeal, access and traffic control and solitude from solicitors and trespassers.  No matter the reason or benefit needed for installation of a fence, always make sure that you are hiring a licensed and experienced fencing company to do the job.

Pittsburgh Fence Company, with its team of dedicated professionals, has been building commercial fencing in the Pittsburgh areas for over 50 years.  With a wide array of commercial fencing and associated service options, an effective fencing solution for your business needs is top priority.


4 Things to Consider when Installing a Commercial Fence

Whether you are a business or property owner, fencing around commercial properties has become a necessity.  In addition to choosing an experienced and reputable fencing company, there are things to consider prior to making your purchase, such as purpose of the fence, area to be enclosed, durability and appearance.  Between choosing the most durable materials to designing an aesthetically pleasing enclosure,


  1. Purpose of Fence

Are you looking for security, privacy or both?  The two main reasons for fencing in a commercial property are security and privacy.


  • Security – Protecting your employees and your assets from outside threats by installing a security fence is your best line of defense. Consider tall fences with open spacing and spikes or points.  Even though smaller fences with a secured gate offer protection, often larger fences will immediately deter intruders.  Avoid solid fencing, as they provide easy hiding places for burglars and vandals.  Open spacing with limited horizontal rails prevents hiding places, as well as fence climbers.
  • Privacy – Many business owners, such as lawyers and accountants, want to ensure the privacy of their clients with a privacy fence. More solid structures may be desired, but if looking for security, too, a few options would need to be considered.


  1. Area to be Enclosed

As a business owner, you must decide on the areas in which fencing is needed.  The options are endless, but the Pittsburgh Fence Company advises that you ask yourself some of the basic questions:

  • Is my place of business adjacent to a high traffic area?
  • Is my place of business in a safe location?
  • Do I need to ensure privacy for my clients?
  • Do I need to designate my property perimeter?
  • Does my property have a swimming pool or other sporting area that could be a safety hazard?
  • Do I need a trash enclosure? Or a privacy screen for an AC unit?
  • Are my parking lots in need of guard rails to prevent damage to clients’ automobiles?
  • Am I planning on landscaping an area that could potentially have high foot traffic?


  1. Durability

When securing your business with fencing, you want to choose the most durable materials.  Realizing this is a big investment, there are many options to choose from.  Chain link fencing is the most commonly used for commercial purposes.  It is the cheapest, yet one of the strongest material types, and has the security benefit of being see-through.   It also needs little maintenance.


  1. Appearance

With security and privacy playing an important role in choosing commercial fencing, you must not forget appearance.  You want to consider material and designs that will not lower your curb appeal.  Choose materials that complement your building, grounds and surrounding areas.  Ornamental fencing is often a popular choice, as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing.  There are many commercial fence options that provide security as well as add value to your property.


Once the purpose and fencing areas have been determined, you can work with a professional fencing company, like Pittsburgh Fence Company, to choose from the many styles (ornamental, decorative, etc.) available today.


Commercial Fence Installation in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Fence Company, based in Carnegie, PA, has been delivering top-tier quality craftsmanship to commercial properties in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties for over 50 years.  From small, simple projects to large, complex ones, careful consideration of design, and the use of the highest quality brands and products, can be expected to ensure functionality and durability for years to come.


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