Best Type Of Wood For Your Fence
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redwood fence installed in the backyard of a client in pittsburgh

Wood’s aesthetic value is often why it is chosen over vinyl or aluminum fencing. The best type of wood depends on the characteristics you are interested in like appearance, rot resistance, durability, and your budget. Below are different types of wood for your next wood fence installation project in Pittsburgh.

Cypress Wood Fencing

In addition to being rot-resistant, cypress contains cypretine which is a natural chemical deterrent to insects, making the lifespan longer than other types of wood. Transportation costs are higher because cypress wood is native to the United States South.
When applying a stain to cypress wood, first spread a drop cloth on a level surface in a well-ventilated area before laying the block of cypress on the drop cloth. Sand along the grain to prepare the wood using moderate pressure and apply stain to a cloth or a brush. Start working along the grain and then against it to fill the pores from all angles. The longer the stain sits the darker the color. However, make sure the stain does not sit too long when it dries up. Using a dry cloth, remove the excess stain to avoid uneven drying, or the development of rough patches before it dries completely. Repeat for a second coat, applying less stain and cover. Once dry, apply a sealant to prompt longevity and add a protective layer.

Redwood Fencing

Although it comes at a high cost, redwood is the most extensively used type of wood for wood fence installation. The quality, durability, and aesthetic value of Redwood make it one of the best options. It’s also resistant to rot and insects, which adds to the value of redwood for wood fence installation. Pittsburgh homeowners that are motivated, and want to spend a little extra, will not be disappointed.

Treat with a clear stain to preserve its natural beauty, and prevent it from turning gray due to aging.  Constant moisture, thawing, and dry conditions can still affect redwood so a clear stain will certainly boost its resistance.
When applying a stain, let it weather for a while so oils dry out. Use a wood brightener and cleaner to prepare the redwood surface. After, apply a wood stain that is recommended for redwood. Transparent and penetrating stains offer the best results as they eliminate weathering and enhance natural beauty. Apply as much stain as the wood can handle. After about 15 minutes, dry off the excess stain. Apply a sealant once the wood is completely dry.

Cedar Wood Fencing

Cedarwood fencing contains natural oils which deter insects. This middle-of-the-road option for wood fence installation fits a limited budget. Because of its rot resistance, cedarwood has a longer lifespan.
Finish the wood by painting or using wood stain to prevent it from turning grey and increase the lifespan even more. If you choose to stain it, the natural beauty is will be enhanced as well. To effectively stain cedarwood, wash the surface and sand to roughen the surface to ensure the wood stain and sealant will firmly adhere to the wood’s surface. Apply a stain recommended for cedarwood. The best types of stains are made up of resins and oils that penetrate deep into the wood’s grains. Use protective gear and either a sponge or paintbrush to gently apply several thin coats along the grain of the wood. When using a sponge, apply the stain in circular motions.
A sealant is essential for cedarwood as it provides protection, repels moisture, and prevents the sun from discoloring the wood’s surface. Apply the sealant along the wood’s grain using a thin coat, letting it dry completely in-between coats. When you get to the third coat and final coat, apply generous amounts before letting it dry completely.

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