Different Types of Deer Fencing
June 25, 2024 Comments: 0

Deer Behind Fence

Due to construction and city expansions, deer have been migrating from their natural habitat.  Whether you live in a suburban neighborhood or even an urban area, deer are seen more often.  As they are beautiful to observe from your window, they can cause harm to your family and landscape.

Deer carry ticks that can give you Lyme disease.  Some sprays that are used to kill ticks and prevent deer from entering your yard may poison your landscape, plus they are not safe to use if you have children or pets.  Therefore, deer fencing is your safest and most effective solution for preventing deer from entering your property or garden area.

Before buying a deer fence, Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. suggests you consider the following:

  • Height – Deer can jump up to eight feet; therefore, you will need a fence at least this high to ensure many types of deer cannot clear your fence.
  • Durability – Be sure that your fence is galvanized to increase its durability.
  • Slack – If you are looking at polypropylene-mesh fencing, a common deer fence, give yourself some slack by allowing it to reach out into the ground in front of the fence and pin with stakes.  This prevents any gaps between your fence and the ground.  Deer may be large animals, but they will try to push under your fence if there is room.
  • Gates – Don’t forget to consider a deer-proof gate to easily access your enclosed area.
  • Repairs – If your fence becomes compromised, it is important to repair it immediately.  A damaged fence is no longer an effective barrier against determined deer.

The two main types of fencing that are best for keeping deer away from your garden and property are metal and polypropylene. There are pluses and minuses to both, so it is best for you to choose based on your situation.

For years, wire-mesh fencing, made of heavy gauge metal and attached to posts, was the most common type of fence installation to keep deer away.  It is effective and durable. And if you are willing to spend the money, you can invest in a more expensive one that is coated with black polyethylene to make it appear invisible.  But, unless you are willing to spend the extra money, the less expensive types do not blend well on your property.

The other type, polypropylene-mesh, which is a kind of plastic fencing, is gaining popular.  It is less expensive than metal deer fencing and the mesh is nearly invisible.  The only downside is that it is not as durable as metal.  You can purchase a stronger polypropylene mesh, a grade that has a breaking load of 800+ pounds, but it will be more expensive.

Quality Fence Installation in Pittsburgh

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