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If you are looking to build a fence around your Pittsburgh area property, take a look at the laws and regulations surrounding the process. Pittsburgh Fencing Co. has been putting fences around the Pittsburgh area for over 50 years, so we know a little something about fence law and requirements. When it comes to commercial fencing, Pittsburgh Fencing Co. is who you need!

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Fence in Pennsylvania

You need to check your state’s laws and requirements. Some things are state-specific but are still things you should look into before installing your fence.

First, you should do some general fence research to do the following:

  • Find Zoning Code and Property Values: Your Recorder of Deeds may have a file on hand about your property and may be able to direct you to a list of codes in your area, such as how far your fence may be from your property or if there is a maximum height allowed. It’s important to do your research on zoning before every commercial and residential fencing project.
  • Get a Survey: You will need to get a survey from either the government’s office or pay to have one done to ensure you are placing the fence on your property.
  • Get the Proper Permits: After you learn your local building codes, you will need to obtain a permit which is usually required.
  • Check with Your Homeowners Association: If you live somewhere with a homeowner’s association, there may be stricter requirements than your town.

Challenges Specific to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Fence Permits

Local building codes vary throughout Pennsylvania. There may be limits on fence height, style, fence location, and setback. The location of your fence may determine style and height.

Pennsylvania Rules of Fence Ownership

In Pennsylvania, a fence placed directly along the edge of your property and your neighbor’s is owned by both of you. Keep this in mind if your area allows you to install a fence on a property line.

Carnegie Fence Code

If you are located near us, Carnegie fence requirements can be found on this website: carnegieborough.com. You can also call (412) 279-3787 for any information you might need.

Pool Fencing Requirements in Pennsylvania

Pool fencing has the strictest requirements in Pennsylvania. The following requirements affect Pennsylvania as a whole, but it is important to do more research into your area.

Any body of water 24 inches deep or more is considered a pool and must meet safety requirements.

All pools must be fenced in by at least a 48-inch fence.
Above ground pools: If the sides of the pool are 48-inches high, that can count as a fence. A removable or locking ladder is required and must be removed when the pool is not in use.

In-ground Pools

All fence gates must latch and self-close. Your home can act as the fourth side of the fence, but all doors must have a warning device if there are no other doors between the pool and house.

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