Temporary Fences in Pittsburgh
June 25, 2024 Comments: 0

temporary fences in pittsburgh

Do you have an interim project or event where you need to keep certain things in and other things out? Maybe you are adding on to your home or participating in a half marathon race downtown. When permanent fencing isn’t necessary, but some kind of barrier is required, temporary fencing is the answer for you.

Temporary fencing is exactly that – fencing that is not permanently installed but secures an area for a short period of time. It is easy to install and easy to remove while also capable of remaining intact when moved. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary fencing is essential to maintain social distancing and setting boundaries to control occupancy.
Pittsburgh Fence Co. shares these uses for your Pittsburgh fence needs:

Construction Sites

The bright orange mesh fence that typically surrounds construction sites is a prime example of temporary fencing. At construction sites, temporary fencing safeguards work sites from vandalism and theft while also protecting passersby from the potential dangers.
Remodels and temporary worksites can also benefit from temporary fencing.


So many outdoor events use temporary fencing to make admissions simpler and separate various sections of the event for safety and security. For outdoor events in the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary fencing is of utmost importance to control occupancy and ensure social distancing.
Whether it’s a national marathon or a small-town race, temporary fencing is essential for marking the path for the runners and distinguished cheering sections.


Similar to construction sites, temporary fencing is a must for landscaping projects as it provides the same protection as a permanent fence. It helps keep critters out that could potentially damage your project. Temporary fencing is great for gardens, simple projects like re-sodding your yard, or even larger ones like total yard makeovers.


For various gatherings, like weddings, temporary fencings help keep guests safe. This is important especially as outdoor and backyard weddings increase in popularity. Temporary fencing sections a gathering’s guests and ensures there are no unwanted attendants.

Whether it’s for a concert, a home improvement project, or an outdoor event, temporary fencing is a huge benefit. For more information about temporary fencing, contact Pittsburgh Fence Co. for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Call one of our offices today using one of the numbers below or contact us on our website

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