What Is The Standard Height Of A Security Fence?
June 25, 2024 Comments: 0

tall barbed wire security fence
 If you’re considering a security fence for your residential or commercial property, there are various factors to consider. At Pittsburgh Fence Company, we’ve put together a guide to security fences to help you know what key elements to look for.

Standard Security Fence Height

The height of the security fence is one of the main elements that set it apart from other fence types. Typically, a security fence will be a minimum of 6 feet tall. In most cases, you can expect a security fence to be close to eight or ten feet tall.

The Structure of a Security Fence

Compared to regular residential fencing, fencing for security is heavier because it is designed for security and exclusion. On the other hand, residential fences are made from lighter materials such as wood or vinyl, which can offer demarcation and privacy but does little for security.
When looking at security fencing specifications, check diameters and wall thicknesses. If they appear to be lightweight, check whether the fence is for a commercial or industrial specification.

Top and Bottom of Security Fencing

While creating the specification for your security fence, don’t overlook what is going on above and below the fence. For instance, if your fence is made of materials that can be climbed on or if the fence is located near something like a ladder, then you also need to place security at the top of the fence. This includes features such as:
  • Razor coils
  • Barbed wire
  • Spike
  • Electronic
You also need to consider security measures at the bottom of the fence. The fence could be dug under, or the mesh could be lifted to gain access. You can add bottom rails if the fence is installed over a hard surface or work with your fencing professional to determine what security options there are to prevent people from digging underneath the fence.

Security Fencing in Pittsburgh

If your commercial or industrial property requires fencing for security, contact Pittsburgh Fence Company today to get started!