Affordable Fencing Options
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Looking to install a fence around your property, but don’t want to break the bank?  There are many affordable options available today that will not only offer protection but will add value to your home and property.  In order to make a wise investment, you want to make sure you have considered a variety of factors such as budget, size, durability, maintenance and most importantly, the reason for the installation.

Additionally, hiring an experienced and reputable fence installer, like Pittsburgh Fence Company, to assist you with this home project can save you time and money.

Metal or Chain Link

Inexpensive to install, this type of fencing is one of the most affordable options.  Chain link fences cost approximately $1,100-$2,700 to install and range from about $5 to $40 per foot. If you choose to add a vinyl coating, it can cost an additional $2-4 per linear foot.

Chain link fences are a popular choice among homeowners for their durability and affordability, but not necessarily for their aesthetic appeal. If your needs are simply to designate property lines or keep pets enclosed, then this is a great option. If your reason for installation is security, unfortunately, chain link fencing can easily be breached with bolt cutters.  Determining your reasons for fence installation will help guide you to the best fencing solution for you.


The cost of vinyl fencing (between $2,000 and $5,000; averaging $20-30 per foot) may initially seem high, but the cost savings are realized in the long term.  Since vinyl fencing does not require major upkeep, it is a cost-effective option.  Easily installed, vinyl fences are lightweight and durable, but not ideal for security as they can be easily breached.  Available in numerous shades and colors, homeowners like the many options available with vinyl fencing.


Aluminum fencing is another attractive option due to the ability to paint it any color and the need for little maintenance. Cost of installing an aluminum fence runs between $2,000 and $5,000 at a rate of $20-$30 per foot.  Attractive and lightweight, aluminum is one of the most affordable metal options.  This type of fencing will not rust and requires little repair, which makes it cost-effective in the long run.



Wood has always been a popular choice due to the many options available in style, paints, stains and colors, as well as providing a traditional look at a reasonable price.  It does require regular maintenance, such as staining and repair.  A great option for privacy, wood fences cost on average $1,700-$4,000, or $10 to $20 per foot.

Tips to Make Your Fencing Project More Affordable

Obviously, the overall price of your fencing project depends on several factors, including the type of material, size of area and amount of labor.  But there are some ways that can help you save a few extra dollars.  Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. offers the following tips:

  • Be realistic with your fencing needs.  If you are not looking for style and elegance, then don’t splurge on high-end materials and accessories.  Purchase for your purpose.
  • Measure accurately.  In order to receive accurate pricing on materials and labor, be sure to properly measure the fencing area before ordering materials or calling a professional fence company.
  • Research all options.  If you are looking for a higher-end wooden fence, such as redwood or cedar, consider less expensive options, like treated pine, that perform similarly.
  • Hire a professional.  Fence installation requires a level of skilled labor, expertise and purchasing power.  Hiring a professional affords you the expert-only rates on materials and saves you time, frustration and money on doing the job right the first time.


Affordable Fencing Options in Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

For over 50 years, Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. has been delivering top-tier quality craftsmanship to residential and commercial properties in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties.  As western Pennsylvania’s premier fencing provider, you can expect affordable options, quality product and exceptional customer service.  By hiring Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. for your fence installation, rest assured your investment will be an attractive, safe, long-lasting and secure addition to your outdoor space for many years.

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