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industrial fencing

Industrial fencing is used primarily in or around large warehouses, and manufacturing areas, government facilities, and other industries such as oil and gas.  It secures the working areas and provides additional security to prevent vandalism, looting, and trespassing. These types of fencing are anti-climbing. Aluminum and stainless steel tend to be the best materials to use as they are customizable, durable, and provide maximum security. For your industrial fencing in Pittsburgh, check out some of the information shared by Pittsburgh Fencing Co. to help get a better understanding.

Perimeter Security

This is the physical boundary protecting people and assets within a facility and its property by using industrial fencing to block unwanted physical intrusions. It tends to incorporate security fencing, gates, barriers, and more and more, technology. The best type of industrial fencing depends on the intrusion risk. Industrial fencing covers everything from vandalism to criminal theft. You can combine a fence or wall with surveillance and security lighting. You can even top it off with barbed or razor wire to serve as an additional deterrent.

Razor Wire vs. Barbed Wire

Razor wire is comprised of high tensile core wire and punched steel tape in close intervals, uniform sharp barbs. Razor wire is well suited as a theft deterrent, as there is not enough space for the human body to squeeze through. Razor wire is much sharper than barbed wire and does a better job at discouraging unwanted guests.

Barbed wire is made up of fencing wire with pointed barbs at regular intervals along the central wire. The sharp edges frighten intruders. Barbed wire is usually built as an inexpensive fence due to its low manufacturing cost, making it an economical protective fence.
Both razor and barbed wire can be combined with industrial fencing for a higher level of security.


Guardrails are used for optimal safety. Primarily found on the roads, they are advantageous for areas where pedestrians are near the road or potentially crossing. Guardrails help direct traffic, show where to not cross the highway, and serve as crowd control. Essentially, they are installed with safety is necessitated.

There has been an increase in mortalities due to road accidents. Whether it’s a distracted driver, a vehicle out of control, or reckless driving, guardrails help limit the speed of the vehicles and offer an additional level of protection in these industrial areas.

Industrial fencing is a must for your Pittsburgh industrial area. For more information, contact Pittsburgh Fence Co. for your next Pittsburgh fence needs. Pittsburgh Fence Co. has served Western Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Call one of Pittsburgh Fence Co.’s offices today or contact us on the website.

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