Fencing for Sports Facilities
July 23, 2024 Comments: 0

Girl holding soccer ball by fence

Sports are a way of life in western Pennsylvania. With sports facilities open year round for a variety of activities, ensuring that you have the proper fencing around your facility is important to not only the athletes, but fans and visitors as well.  Fencing may not be the focus of the field or court, but it will impact the safety and aesthetics of the facility.

Baseball Fields

One of the most common areas for sports fencing is around a baseball field.  There are three main components for baseball fencing— a chain-link backstop, a dugout fence, and a waist-high chain link fence that surrounds the field.  At Pittsburgh, Fence Co, Inc., our team of specialists can work with you to provide the simplest of fence installations to the most creative and customized installations.  Having a unified look for the three components will provide you with a beautiful, functional field that athletes and visitors will enjoy visiting.

Tennis Courts

Fencing material for tennis courts can vary greatly based upon having a clay or turf surface.  Either way, the sport of tennis carries a sense of prestige with it, so you want to make sure your fencing and design reflects that. Typically, tennis courts, practice or competitive, are surrounded by a 10-12’ chain link fence.  Whether your court is in a park or a competitive sports complex, Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc., will ensure that your fence installation upholds the prestigious reputation of the sport.

Recreational Facilities and Playgrounds

For recreational facilities and playgrounds, school or public, there are a wide variety of options for fencing—chain link fences, PVC picket fences, aluminum security fences and many more.  The level of security and safety needed, as well as the number of various activities provided at the facility, will help you determine the best material and design for your fencing needs.

Fence Installation for Sports Facilities in Pittsburgh

Whether it is for a private backyard court or a community ballfield, Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc., has sporting and specialty area fencing that allows you to create the boundaries required for the specified activities. Our fencing can be installed around any surface—grass, turf, asphalt or concrete.   As Western Pennsylvania’s premier fencing provider, Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc., has been providing top quality fence installations for over 50 years.  If you are in need of fencing for your sports facility, call one of our four offices today:

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