Your Neighbors and Fence Installation
July 23, 2024 Comments: 0

When it comes to fence installation, it is important to exhibit proper etiquette, especially if you have neighbors within close proximity.  Yes, the fence is going on your property, but others may be affected by its presence.  Therefore, it is best to use the following guidelines before you begin the fence installation process on your Pittsburgh property.

Define Your Property Line

Having a general idea of where your property lines are is not good enough when you are installing a fence.  The last thing you want is to have to tear down your fence because it is an inch or two over your property line.  Do the proper research in the planning stages.  Refer to your house’s plat, which maps out your property.  If you are unable to locate this drawing, contact your county’s record office for a new copy.  If they are unable to provide one, you may need to hire a land surveyor to outline the boundaries.

Talk to Your Neighbor

As a common courtesy, give your neighbor the heads up that you are planning to install a fence.  Even though it’s not required, it could avoid a fence dispute, potential legal trouble and hard feelings.  Additionally, maybe they were also considering a fence installation to divide the two yards and you could consider splitting the cost.

Face the Finished Side of the Fence toward Your Neighbor

Good fence etiquette includes having the finished side of your fence face the outside.  This not only pleases your neighbor, but it looks better.  If not, the outside of your fence will look unfinished or installed backwards.  If you are unhappy with how the fence appears from the inside of your property, you can always consider a double-sided fence.  Often referred to as a “good neighbor fence,” a double-sided fence uses “sandwich construction” to provide a finished look on both sides.

Keep Up with Fence Maintenance

Choose a fence type that you will be able to regularly maintain.  Fences that are dirty, lean, chip or rot will not only lower your property’s curb appeal, but your neighbor’s as well.

Observe HOA Policies and Local Laws Regulating Fence Installations

If you belong to a homeowner’s association, it is your responsibility to abide by their rules.  Prior to installing your fence, be sure to check the HOA rules on fence installations.  They often dictate style and height.  And don’t forget to inquire about any permits or fence regulations set by your town or borough.

Hire a Local Fencing Contractor

If you are planning a fence installation on your Pittsburgh property, choose Pittsburgh Fence Co, Inc. as your local fencing contractor. Hiring a professional, reliable fencing provider will save you time and money.  A local fencing contractor will also be familiar with the permits required by your town or borough.  Contact the office nearest you to speak with a team member.

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