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How close to my Pittsburgh property line can I build a fence?

You need to check your state’s laws and requirements. Some things are state-specific but are still things you should look into before installing your fence.

For Pennslyvania, all fences need to be at least six inches from all side and rear property lines and at least twelve inches from all front
yard property lines and/or sidewalks. Additionally, all fences must be set back a minimum of six feet from any curb line.

Source: (PDF)

Can I grow vines on my vinyl fence?

Vinyl fences are strong, weather-resistant, and can last up to 30 years. Introducing a vine to your vinyl fence will cause little structural damage to your vinyl fence, though it can trap moisture which can bring about algae and bugs. Bugs can negatively affect your vine, but these two are removed relatively easily. Read more about growing fence vines on our blog!

Should I have my property surveyed before installing fencing?

As a property owner, it is always a good idea to know the boundaries of your own property. It is highly recommended that before fencing is installed, a property be properly surveyed by professionals. This precautionary measure ensures that your fencing will not have to be removed at any time due to a boundary or property line dispute.

Is vinyl fencing maintenance proof?

Vinyl fencing requires a very limited amount of maintenance. As with all exterior products, fencing can become dirty when exposed to the elements. Under normal conditions the only maintenance required is in the form of washing the fence with soap and water to keep it looking new.

What are the best types of fences for security?

Ornamental fencing is an excellent choice when security is important. A chain link fencing is also one of the best fences for security and value because it is less expensive and is very versatile. Chain link fencing is often preferred for many commercial fencing applications though there are plenty of options. Read more about installing a security fence on our blog!