Does A Sloped Yard Require A Stepped Fence?
June 25, 2024 Comments: 0

stepped fence on a hill
No, just because you have a sloped yard does not mean your residential fence has to be stepped. You can have a fence installed equipped with panels that are designed to be racked and follow the natural contours of your yard. This type of fence is known as a rackable panel fence, and it’s becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who have sloped yards.

What Issues Are There With Stepping a Fence?

A stepped fence is one that uses vertical pickets and requires the installer to step down the fence with each panel as they go. While this is effective for providing a sturdy barricade in your yard, it does have some drawbacks.

For instance, the stepped design can make it difficult to coordinate with other fencing styles on your property. Additionally, the types of posts and materials needed to construct a stepped fence tend to be more expensive than those used for rackable panels.

Also, due to the increased complexity of a stepped fence installation, there is always the risk that it may not be done properly and end up being unstable over time. And if you ever decide to resell your property in the future, an improperly installed stepped fence could negatively affect its value.

Benefits of Rackable Panel Fences

Rackable Panels allow you to customize the fence to your yard’s slope. The panels can be moved up or down as needed, allowing you to install the fence according to the natural contours of your yard without having to step it. This means that there will be a consistent height across the entire length of the fence, no matter how much your yard slopes.

However, rackable panel fences do have some drawbacks. These fences are more difficult to install. If you choose to install a rackable panel fence, it’s important to make sure that the panels are properly secured and level.

Ultimately, whether you choose a stepped or rackable panel fence for your sloped yard will depend on your budget and installation preferences. If you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing and customized solution, then a rackable panel fence may be the best option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an easier and more cost-effective installation, then a stepped fence may be your best bet.

Should I Hire a Professional to Install My Fence?

No matter what type of fence you decide to install, it’s always best to hire a professional for the job. Professional fence installers are knowledgeable and experienced in both stepped and rackable panel fences. They will be able to help you choose the best option for your yard and ensure the installation is done correctly.

Fence installation can be a tricky job, and it’s important to make sure that the fence is installed properly the first time around. Hiring a professional will save you both time and money in the long run.

Professional Fence Installation Services

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